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Custom Squat Rack Foot Extensions
Custom Rack Extensions by Black Widow Training Gear - Elevate Your Strength Training Experience


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Introducing Black Widow Training Gear's custom squat rack extensions, designed to stabilize your squat rack experience with Jammer Arms or band exercises. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these extensions seamlessly integrate with any squat rack, providing a versatile platform for dynamic workouts. Whether you're pushing the limits with Jammer Arm movements or incorporating resistance bands for targeted exercises, our rack extensions offer unparalleled stability and support. Elevate your strength training regimen and unlock new dimensions of performance with Black Widow Training Gear's innovative custom rack extensions.

These extensions are made to fit your rack. We need your type of rack and height of the lower bolt hole you are using.

Recommended to piggy back off the same holes your crossmembers are bolted into.

Length is determined by the tubing off the front of your rack. Foot plate will extend about 2" further. Leave in text box, 24" is a common length.

If you are unsure contact us [email protected]

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