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Custom Orders Custom Orders

This is for a custom order. Contact Dean sales@blackwidowtg.com for a quote first

How this works.
1.) Contact Dean for a quote.
2.) Review it make sure it is good.
3) If you approve come here(it will be linked on quote). The price of the quote enter in the quantity.
4.) On check out in the note section leave the quote number as a reference for me.

Thank you


Viking Press Rod and Pipe Safety Pivot

This piece is designed to work with our Righteous Handles and Viking Press Attachment.

It slides over Rod and Pipe Safeties for a squat rack, acting as a pivot point.

We offer 2 sizes

2x2 - Inside diameter is 2". This is the most common size for most racks. This adapter will also fit on weight trees and other bars an Olympic plate will fit on to.

2x1.25 - For smaller diameter pins. Usually a rack with out the sleeve over the rod.

It will handle any Olympic sized barbell, Can just use regular barbells to press with as well or use different handles.

You can set the height of your rod and pipe safety to about shoulder height and press with out lowering to the ground. Set the bar down low and use the Viking Press as a hack squat, calfraise.

** It is not a bad idea to add a collar to the bar you are using on the other side of the adapter so the bar does not slip out. **

Any questions on measuring or use please contact us sales@blackwidowtg.com


BWTG Pooper Scooper BWTG Pooper Scooper

BWTG Pooper Scooper

Growing up my parents always had dogs. German Shepard's and Great Danes. I now have a Husky who is 12 y/o.

I don't do much cleaning up during the winter months. So this year when the spring time hit, I had some work to do.

I have that wooden blue handle scoop with the aluminum head. The teeth always bend and I am fighting to get the job done.
Also that one side is flat...there should be teeth on both sides.

This is when I decided to make my own. Yes it is a little heavier than the blue wood aluminum one but it is not overwhelming.
Every target I went after I was able to capture easily.
I staggered the teeth so both sides work together.
Added the BWTG web.
Added handles.
Powder coated our signature finish for longevity.

Yes this scoop is a little more money but will last a lifetime compared to others.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. Picking up shit has never been so enjoyable. Will come fully assembled

If you want a different design than the web contact me before purchasing. I could fit your dog breeds silhouette there or do it blank.

Multi Grip Landmine Row Handle Regular Multi Grip T-Bar Landmine Handle

Our Multi-Grip Landmine Attachment is 34" long with 8" on center neutral handles.

For use with our landmine or a competitors landmine, Various bent over rows can be executed

Attachment is raised to the height of a 45lb plate to give you full range of motion.

Powder-coated textured black.

***We do custom work all the time, if you have an idea you want to bring to life contact Dean sales@blackwidowtg.com


Front Squat Bar Front Squat Bar

Our Front Squat Bar is 80" long with 13" of plate loading space on each side. Handles are spaced 14" on center.

Handles are held in place with PTO pins and can be easily removed if you want to use this as an Axle.

There are alot of benefits from front squatting. Incorporating the posterior chain alot more than a back squat. With these added handles you do not have to worry about having the flexibility to grab a barbell in the front rack position. Plus the 2" thick bar is a little more comfortable.

Bar Weighs about 20 lbs. Black Texture Powder Coat


Viking Press Attachment for Landmine Neutral Grip Viking Press Simulator

Home of the Original Viking Press Attachment.

Our Viking Press Landmine Attachment will fit on any Olympic Size style Bar


Width 26.5"
Handle Spacing - 24" and 10.5" on neutral handles
Regular Handle - Regular handle spaced between the 2 neutral handles
Inside head space - 8.25"
Handle size - 2" diamter
Black Texture powder

Has a 7" Sleeve with a T nut 3" in to secure to the end of a barbell

Over head press with different handles
Clean and press
Squat press

Any questions please contact us Sales@blackwidowtg.com


Dip Station Dip Station

Constructed out of 2x3 14ga steel.
47" tall
35" deep
14-25" handle spacing
Bolts together (Hardware included.)
Can be mounted to the floor or left freestanding.
Finish - Textured Black Powdercoat.

With the right tools, and one person will take about 10 minute to assemble. Recommend getting all the bolts snug, make sure everything is level/square then tighten down.


BWTG Safety Squat Safety Squat Bar

Our safety squat bar is 7' in length.

Constructed out of Schedule 80 tubing and 3/16" wall 3x2 tubing this bar will withstand anything you can throw at it.

Other safety squat bars have short stubby arms. Our safety squat bar has curved long handles. They can be adjusted to be tight or wide grip.

Our SSB weighs 44#lbs. Customers have had 650-700 pounds on this bar with no issues.

***Assembly instructions. Slide the handles all the way into arms, cap side out. Majority use the handles curve down. You can adjust from there depending on what feels comfortable. 3/4" wrench needed to tighten bolts.***

**Note: Most Olympic sized collars may not fit this bar. **